VIMOS streamlines Canvas Sweet’s marketing!

Canvas Sweet Oil Painting Store is a specialized oil painting store located in Hong Kong. The store provides oil paintings of various styles and sizes, as well as customized services to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. However, with the trend of digitalization and intensifying competition, Canvas Sweet oil painting store is also facing the challenge of how to expand the online market, enhance brand awareness, and strengthen customer relationships. In order to solve these problems, Canvas Sweet oil painting store decided to use VIMOS WhatsApp Shop, an innovative digital transformation tool, to achieve its online business and marketing goals.

Canvas Sweet oil painting store uses VIMOS WhatsApp online store. In addition to sales-related functions, it also has an automated marketing platform specially designed for WhatsApp. VIMOS can help Canvas Sweet oil painting store design and execute various marketing activities, from attracting potential customers, to building trust and loyalty, to promoting conversions and repeat purchases.

Canvas Sweet oil painting store’s review of VIMOS:

The owner of Canvas Sweet oil painting store expressed great satisfaction with WhatsApp Shop and VIMOS’s services and support, planning to continue utilizing and optimizing both tools to adapt to market changes and customer needs. They also hope to attract more customers, provide better products and services, and create more value and profit through WhatsApp Shop and VIMOS.

Share the automated marketing strategy of Canvas Sweet oil painting store

Place ads on Facebook to grab the attention of your target customers. The advertisement showcases the high-quality products and services of the Canvas Sweet oil painting store and includes a button that allows customers to contact the store directly via WhatsApp. Once the customer clicks the button, VIMOS automatically sends a welcome message and promotes the products of the Canvas Sweet oil painting store, allowing customers to easily browse and purchase oil paintings.

Once the customer enters the WhatsApp chat conversation, using keyword triggers, the automatic chatbot provides customers with intelligent customer service and payment functions in the WhatsApp conversation, saving time and effort for the store!

3 Advantages of Click to WhatsApp Ads

Advantage 1: Automatically obtain the contact information of social media users and expand the list of potential customers

WhatsApp gives users control over conversations and privacy, making it suitable for people who want to communicate directly with merchants before making a purchase, and makes it easier for them to share personal information. Through Click to WhatsApp ads, merchants can obtain potential customers’ names, phone numbers, purchase intentions, and website behaviors, and import this information into the CRM system to facilitate subsequent marketing.

Advantage 2: Chat interaction helps deepen product understanding, promote purchases, and build customer relationships.

Click to WhatsApp ads are best used to promote products or services that you need to show how to use, or that you need to convince customers to buy. Understand their needs and questions better and provide more personalized services and solutions.

Advantage 3: Greatly save costs and time and achieve better advertising benefits

Click to WhatsApp ads allow you to take advantage of WhatsApp Product Catalog to demonstrate your products or services, answer customer questions, or schedule appointments or payments. This can save you costs and time on other channels and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Canvas Sweet oil painting store’s evaluation of VIMOS:

The owners of Canvas Sweet oil painting shop said that they are very satisfied with the service and support of WhatsApp Shop and VIMOS, and plan to continue to use and optimize these two tools to adapt to market changes and customer needs. They also said that they hope that through WhatsApp Shop and VIMOS, they can attract more customers, provide better products and services, and create more value and profits.

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VIMOS helps you open a WhatsApp online store in ten minutes! Provide a one-stop powerful and flexible sales and marketing platform, allowing you to establish more intimate and effective relationships with your customers, and improve your online store performance and competitiveness. If you want to know more about WhatsApp API, please feel free to contact VIMOS!