3 Ways to Increase the CTR of Your Promotional Messages

3 Ways to Increase the CTR of Your Promotional Messages

Any product, regardless of how amazing it is, needs appealing promotional messages to increase the advertising effect. To boost conversion rates, online stores can send promotional messages via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Messages can include discount offers, marketing initiatives, product updates, reminders to complete a purchase, and more. Are promotional messages effective? The answer is YES. Nevertheless, customers get a ton of promotional messages from various businesses each day. The sad news is, not all of the promotional messages are clicked.

Fear not, as online retailers can use a few easy techniques to resolve this concern! Online shops can entice customers to click on their promotional messages by employing appealing headlines and preview text. Additionally, customers may even be willing to click the links in the message, driving up conversion rates. Retailers must be familiar with the general guidelines below in order to make customers read the messages unconsciously and help generate revenue.

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3 Ways to Increase the Click-through Rate (CTR) of Your Promotional Messages

Customers will decide whether to click on your email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other promotional messages based on the title and preview text. To boost the click-through rate of your promotional messages, you can utilize the three suggestions below to slightly tweak the two aforementioned elements.

1. Personalize your content.

Promotional messages can become more intimate and relevant to consumers by including some personalized content. The click-through rate can significantly increase by merely including the other party’s salutation. For instance, you may include the following examples in the first sentence of your message:

  • “Hello, Miss Chen”
  • “Dear Mr. John”
  • “To Dr. Yu”

Customers can preview their names through this before clicking, which in some way suggests that the message is significant. They are likely persuaded to open it because they think it is specifically intended for them.

To personalize promotional messages on Whatsapp, Messenger or other platforms

2. Create a sense of urgency.

A sense of urgency is best created by conveying that “time is running out”. When customers perceive that time is short, they become anxious about missing an opportunity (Fear of Missing Out). They eventually click the message, check the product, and make an immediate purchase. For example, you may point out that the discount or other relevant offer is up for a limited time only.

It is important to note that you should be mindful of the language you use in your emails. Avoid including words in the subject line that spam instantly flags like “buy now”. For starters, you may use the following phrases to create a sense of urgency and attract customers to click:

  • “Last 24 hours”
  • “Only a few stocks left”
  • “Available for a limited time only”

However, if you employ this strategy too frequently, you risk losing your customers. Timing is key when employing this trick.

email headline ideas

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3. Stimulate curiosity.

Creating a sense of mystery in promotional messages can stimulate the curiosity of customers. The idea of a trailer is comparable to this. The title of promotional messages gives readers a general idea of what the content will be about. It makes the customers want to learn more and click through to discover the idea.

Consider the tutoring agency’s “3 Secrets to Improving Academic Performance” as an example. There are three secrets in the content that parents or students are expected to understand, yet they are unaware of. As a result, they will take the initiative to read them and may do so all the way through.

stimulate curiosity through promotional messages

Examples of Promotional Messages Headline with High CTR

Every day, customers are overwhelmed with promotional messages, so even the best content requires a catchy title to elevate it. Therefore it is true that a good title is half the battle! Here are 4 headlines with relatively high CTR.

1. [ X Reasons ]

Such headlines are intriguing and prompt clicks since readers are left wondering the  “why”.

Example: 3 Reasons for Retail Transformation

2. [ X things about you ]

These titles provide personalized content in addition to sparking curiosity. The use of the word “you” in the title is pertinent and encourages readers to find out more about themselves.

Example: 5 Things You Must Know Before Transforming Your Retail

3. “You can now…”

This type of title is popular because it implies that customers can now get, achieve or do things they cannot before. Additionally, providing customers with unique information might increase their interest and likelihood to click.

Example: You can now experience brand new features…

4. “Why…”

To guide customers on what to do, give them a reason. Such headlines can give readers valuable information while obscuring the “why” and enticing them to click.

Example: Why You Should Enroll In This Course

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Ideal Preview Text of Promotional Messages

On average, a computer can show 30 Chinese characters per line of text when viewing emails. However, on a mobile device, the screen size affects how emails, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other applications are displayed. Online retailers must therefore clearly focus on this small range after decreasing the number of words in the title. They must make every effort to present the most important details in the preview text.

Furthermore, it is better to refrain from repeating the preview text and title. Make effective use of each phrase to entice readers to click on your promotional messages.


Being able to write a headline and preview text that appeals to customers is the first step toward success. The use of messaging, particularly through instant messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp, to communicate with customers is essential.

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