A Guide to Opening a Cost-Effective WhatsApp Online Shop

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In this e-commerce era, when thinking about starting a business, opening an online shop is often the first idea that comes to mind. However, choosing the right platform to open an online shop can be a headache for shop owners. Compared to traditional e-commerce platforms, VIMOS WhatsApp online shop has become a new weapon for the new generation of online stores!

But, are the steps to opening a WhatsApp online shop difficult to understand? VIMOS shows you how to open your own online shop in one step!

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Opening an online shop is actually very simple with just one step!

Unlike the usual WhatsApp App, if you want to use the diverse features of the WhatsApp online shop, you first need to create a dedicated WhatsApp business account. In this account, you can freely display your products or services and communicate with customers in real-time. VIMOS offers free personalized consultation for the creation process of WhatsApp business accounts.

VIMOS WhatsApp online shop is suitable for all industries

  • Beauty industry: Nail salons, hair salons
  • Medical industry: Veterinary clinics, pet care, private clinics
  • Education industry: Tutorial centers, interest class centers, gyms
  • Food and beverage industry: Restaurants, snack shops

Why would shop owners make such a transition to VIMOS WhatsApp online shop?

Reason 1: 98% of Hong Kong people are WhatsApp users = Potential customers

Traditional e-commerce platforms require customers to search online or visit physical stores, making it difficult for merchants to reach a large number of customers and have lower brand exposure. However, VIMOS’s WhatsApp online shop solves this problem! Through the WhatsApp platform, merchants can easily reach about 2 billion potential customers and use WhatsApp’s chat function and 24-hour automatic reply feature to establish more personalized and instant communication.

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Reason 2: WhatsApp Efficiently Improves Customer Interaction and Loyalty

Compared to traditional e-commerce platforms, WhatsApp’s chat function and 24/7 auto-reply feature enable merchants to establish instant interaction and communication with customers, rather than just sending information one-way without customer feedback or questions on traditional platforms. Customers don’t need to install any app or register; they can simply click into WhatsApp. Moreover, through the customer service CRM system in VIMOS WhatsApp online, merchants can provide targeted product recommendations based on customer data analysis, further strengthening connections with customers, and increasing loyalty and repurchase rates.

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Reason 3: WhatsApp Reduces 50% Promotional and Administrative Costs

On traditional e-commerce platforms, merchants need to invest a lot of time and resources to build and maintain their online stores, such as designing the appearance, functionality, content of websites or applications, and even paying various fees. However, on VIMOS WhatsApp online shop, merchants only need to set up their product catalog on WhatsApp, significantly reducing operational costs and complexity, and increasing efficiency and flexibility.

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Reason 4: WhatsApp 24/7 Order Management, Fully Automated Order Acceptance

Previously, online shop owners had to manually operate systems to send payment links and answer customer queries, even requiring customers to screenshot their payment as proof. VIMOS WhatsApp online shop offers complete product management, online payment, and order management functionalities. The shop operates 24/7 with automated replies and services for customers, unrestricted by time and geography, saving time and effort for shop owners to travel easily.

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Reason 5: WhatsApp Membership System + WhatsApp Broadcast for Personalized Promotion

On traditional e-commerce platforms, if an online shop wants to establish a membership system, it requires downloading third-party apps, filling out forms, and online registration, which is cumbersome and deters many customers.

But VIMOS WhatsApp online shop provides a one-stop WhatsApp service for merchants. Customers only need to fill out a WhatsApp form, and the CRM customer relationship system will automatically sync customer data, easily creating a personalized membership system. Additionally, VIMOS offers a WhatsApp broadcast feature for merchants. Based on customer tags, precise promotion, product recommendations, and exclusive discounts are made possible. Merchants can quickly convey messages with one-click broadcast, building closer relationships with customers, enhancing loyalty, and increasing sales.

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