10 Minutes to Set Up an Online Booking System with WhatsApp

online booking system

Whether it’s for doctor appointments, dining out, fitness sessions, or phone repairs, it’s now essential to arrange your time and location in advance to avoid queues or missing opportunities. However, traditional booking methods such as phone calls, text messages, or websites often come with many inconveniences and problems, such as busy lines, lost information, and complex operations.

To solve booking issues, most traditional businesses opt to purchase or customize other booking software systems, but these systems can be costly and may not suit their actual needs. For startups or SMEs, such investment poses a significant risk and burden.

VIMOS enables you to effortlessly create and automatically send booking forms to your customers using WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app. Customers can fill out and submit the booking form on WhatsApp by scanning a QR code or clicking a link. You can also view and manage all booking information on VIMOS and instantly communicate and confirm with customers through a WhatsApp Chatbot. “A simple WhatsApp Form can quickly set up a booking system!”

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Enjoy 6 Major Advantages with VIMOS WhatsApp Booking Forms

Advantage 1: Convenience:

You don’t need to install any additional software or devices; simply use WhatsApp, a platform you’re already familiar and comfortable with, to complete a one-stop booking.

Advantage 2: Speed

You don’t have to wait for customers to call or text you. With automatic replies, WhatsApp instantly sends form QR codes or links, allowing customers to quickly send and receive bookings.

Advantage 3: Cost-saving

You don’t have to pay any extra fees or commissions to third-party platforms or service providers. Enjoy VIMOS’s comprehensive automated WhatsApp API functionalities and services at a reasonable price.

Advantage 4: Improved customer satisfaction

 Let your customers feel your professionalism and attention, and keep in touch and interact with them automatically through a WhatsApp chatbot, increasing their trust and loyalty.

Advantage 5: Simplified CRM

You don’t need to manually input customer data. VIMOS automatically syncs customer contact information to the CRM system, making it easier for you to manage and track customers’ booking status and behavior.

Advantage 6: Increased remarketing opportunities

 Based on the type and timing of customers’ bookings, you can automatically tag them into specific contact groups for future WhatsApp broadcast remarketing, improving customer return rates and conversion rates.

Three WhatsApp Booking Form System Applications in the Service Industry

In this section, we will illustrate how to use WhatsApp booking forms for different types of appointments, such as clinic appointments, gym reservations, and repair bookings.

💡Tip: If you have multiple branches and worry about customers going to the wrong location, you can set up automatic reminder replies. After customers fill out the form, the system automatically sends branch location images and Google Map links, making it easy for customers to find the booking location and feel your attentive service. See the examples below.

Industry 1: Clinic Appointments

If you are a doctor or medical institution, you can manage your patients and clinics using VIMOS WhatsApp booking forms. It helps you reduce phone and text message disruptions, improve clinic efficiency and quality, and increase patient trust and satisfaction.

whatsapp form

Industry 2: Fitness Center Bookings

If you are a fitness trainer or gym operator, you can manage your clients and venues using VIMOS WhatsApp booking forms. It helps you reduce the vacancy rate and waste of venues, improve the gym’s utilization and income, and increase customer loyalty and word-of-mouth.

online booking form

Industry 3: Mobile Repair Bookings

If you are a repair technician or repair company, you can manage your customers and services using VIMOS and WhatsApp booking forms. It quickly reduces ineffective customer visits and waiting, improves repair efficiency and quality, and increases customer satisfaction and referral rate.

booking form

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