Interactive Marketing: 2 Ways to Boost Online Sales

Interactive marketing

Whilst traditional marketing centers on product features and functions, interactive marketing focuses on “people”. To understand and meet customers’ high expectations, online stores focus on providing a unique experience by observing their purchasing patterns. And indeed the ultimate goal is to entice potential customers to purchase your products and become loyal to your brand.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is a customer-centric online marketing method. One-on-one interactions between store employees and customers, for example, inform them about the consumer’s behavior, orientation, needs, and expectations. The store staff then acts quickly to satisfy customers and finally obtain their order.

In the world of e-commerce, interactive marketing is no longer limited to a single observation of customer needs by retailers. In online stores, retailers can also provide the most personalized experience based on customers’ browsing records and personal information.

interactive marketing

The Importance of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is an essential component of customer relationship management. This marketing method can help you retain customers, increase orders as well as turnover, and build a brand reputation. It lowers advertising costs while also welcoming more customers and purchases.

Despite the fact that numerous customers prefer to shop online, several customers still prefer to purchase in physical stores. This is due to the extensive benefits provided by shopping in some brick-and-mortar shops compared to online. Customers, for example, cannot touch the physical product and immediately check with store staff in online stores. To compensate for these shortcomings, e-commerce businesses may want to consider adding interactive marketing elements to their online stores.

E-commerce must-knows: 2 Benefits of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing not only offers a satisfying shopping experience for customers but also provides 2 significant benefits to e-commerce businesses:

[1] Boosts the conversion rate

A satisfying customer experience often yields results that far outweigh your investment. Because customers can sense the beauty of the products and brands while shopping, the personal experience is more valuable than the large number of advertising sales you invest in. The chances of converting them into orders are greatly increased!

Do you know that interactive marketing can significantly improve conversion rates? This article’s discussion of customer marketing is primarily focused on the store communicating with the customer one-on-one. The retailer first understands, then meets, and finally compels the customer to complete the transaction. As an example, consider the live-streaming feature added by live-streaming e-commerce. This is exactly what makes customers’ shopping experiences more immediate and interactive. Answering customers’ questions and providing more product details through real-time live interaction can encourage consumers to place orders and pay. In return, increasing online store turnover.

You can get a better understanding of customer information by using live shopping platforms like VIMOS! Retailers, by utilizing live e-commerce platforms, can offer more appealing products and services to customers.

Online shopping

[2] Make customers your loyal customers

A pleasant shopping experience can influence guests’ perceptions of your brand. This greatly increases the likelihood of repeat purchases by guests and converts new customers into your primary source of revenue at any time!

If you can give customers a consistent and wonderful shopping experience, they will become loyal customers. They will take the initiative to promote your brand to others, resulting in unexpected benefits in addition to long-term support. In the long run, providing and optimizing marketing will benefit your brand without causing harm!

Although this method is not new, it is difficult to carry out high-quality interactive marketing. VIMOS live shopping and chat automation platform offers comprehensive interactive marketing functions to assist you in retaining customers and increasing orders! Interested? We are more than excited to walk you through it as soon as you contact us!