6 Tips to Easily Handle Heavy Customer Inquiries

Customer Inquiries

Customer inquiries increase as your online store advances. Retailers can gradually expand their workforce as their business demands grow. However, how can you deal with increased traffic and customer inquiries when you’re short on resources? If you rely on a small team to respond, not only will the customer be left waiting for a long time. Having limited manpower during busy periods, nevertheless, increases the risk of making mistakes and missing customer information. Take a look at our 6 tips below for making customer service as simple as pie!

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[1] Create a website FAQ page to quickly answer customer inquiries

Customers frequently seek to resolve minor issues by themselves before contacting customer service. Offering self-service is a good option if the majority of your online store’s customer inquiries are simple FAQs.

Retailers can create a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on their website to respond to customers ‘ queries quickly. This feature will save you time by answering basic questions like available payment schemes, shipping methods, order status, etc. The FAQ page should be positioned in a prominent location on your website, excluding the bottom. You may place it in the top left or right corner of your home page so that consumers can see it quickly.

The Frequently Asked Questions page is prominently located at:

FAQ page location

An FAQ page at the bottom of the website might look like this:

FAQ Page at the bottom

[2] If you use the standard WhatsApp Business version, try the appointment service response format.

There is no automated chatbot feature if your online store only uses the standard WhatsApp Business version. Hence, responding to a large number of customer inquiries may be challenging. Even so, you can try to use the form of information, particularly in the appointment service. This format is clear and systematic, which can greatly reduce follow-up concerns.

Hair Salon Appointment Service:

Tutoring Service Reservation Service:

It is worth noting that the online store can clearly indicate the response time. For example, “Customers will receive a response within 2-3 hours”, allowing them to plan ahead and avoid losing patience.

[3] An automated chat robot responds to customer inquiries quickly.

Online stores can also incorporate chatbots into their websites or instant messaging software. This can include using WhatsApp Business API to create a series of automated reply messages. When a customer mentions the relevant word, the chatbot immediately responds with an automated message. Using an automated chatbot is preferable to simply creating a “FAQ” page on your website. The online store can set up a large number of keywords using conversation robots, even if the question is relatively unique. Chatbots can respond to customers and assist you in resolving a large number of customer inquiries.

Furthermore, online stores can use VIMOS to set up some guided dialogues to entice customers to purchase products. For instance, if a customer sees a diamond ring and inquires about the ordering procedure, the store can program automatic responses. These replies can include the following.

  • What is the size of the ring?
  • Do you prefer silver or rose gold setting?
  • Which origin do you prefer for your diamonds?

This allows you to provide corresponding answers and guide customers step by step in selecting appropriate products. Furthermore, the chatbot that responds automatically is more user-friendly, allowing customers to have a more intimate shopping experience.

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[4] Use labels inertly to facilitate follow-up.

Very few customers finish their shopping with just one inquiry. Especially those purchasing expensive products such as electronics, jewelry, and so on, which generally necessitate a more detailed understanding. Therefore, online stores should routinely categorize customers using tags in WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Business API. Tags may include the following:

  • New customers
  • Old customers
  • Customers who have inquired about a product, etc.

This method enables you to contact specific customer groups later and use an effective communication channel to increase conversion rates.

Labels for Online Retail:

Customer segmentation for effective communication in Whatsapp API

Tags for Education Courses:

Customer segmentation for effective communication in Whatsapp API

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[5] Establish a one-stop management system to handle customer inquiries uniformly.

A large number of customer inquiries from various channels can easily be overlooked. The best method is to have a comprehensive system in place that allows multiple employees to view and respond to customer inquiries at any time.

VIMOS supports a one-stop response to all questions, making it easier to manage customer inquiries. Even if customers make inquiries on various channels, you can open information from those platforms in unified background. This ensures that no customer is missed. Even if a customer inquires through multiple channels, the backend can easily connect with him. Via VIMOS’ one-stop management system feature, customers receive updates on their concerns even across different channels. Customers will feel more relevant and have a more personalized experience when consuming across all platforms, increasing loyalty.

VIMOS One-stop management system

[6] Determine your sales MVP utilizing a team management system.

It is natural to encourage salespeople to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service on a continuous basis. This is necessary in order to respond to a large number of inquiries and meet the diverse needs of customers. The Team Management system of VIMOS can clearly record the sales brought by each response. It can also monitor the sales team’s dialogue records and performance across various sales channels at any time. VIMOS calculates online commissions accurately, encourages the team to actively respond to inquiries, and promotes healthy competition.

In the future, VIMOS will also release dialogue performance and performance profit-sharing reports to accurately record sales staff performance and help you find your sales MVP!

Sales MVP can improve online services for key customers, re-sell at the right time, and help increase the amount of a single purchase.

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In the face of many customer inquiries, online stores should employ the six strategies outlined above to filter and address first-level issues. Following that, customers are left to self-solve simple common problems and chatbots to respond, while high-cost manual processing is complicated. By easily handling high volume customer inquiries, you can save time and focus on more important business concerns. All this and more, when you grab the opportunity to experience VIMOS online store sales growth platform for FREE!

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