Maximize WhatsApp Business: Easy Tagging with API & Broadcast

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In today’s digital marketing landscape, the ability to disseminate information effectively is vital. WhatsApp Business emerges as a key player, especially when it comes to reaching a broad audience quickly. Understanding how to leverage WhatsApp API and the broadcast feature can transform your marketing strategy.

Deep Dive: Tips to Increase Customer Engagement via WhatsApp Broadcast

Leveraging WhatsApp Business for Promotion (1): The Power of WhatsApp Broadcast

For small to medium enterprises, WhatsApp Business offers a robust broadcast function. This feature allows businesses to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. Recipients see these messages as individual chats, maintaining privacy and personalization. However, this powerful tool comes with certain considerations:

【1】Contact List Limit

Each WhatsApp broadcast list can hold up to 256 contacts. To reach a wider audience, creating multiple lists is necessary.

【2】Mutual Contact Saving

Broadcast messages are received only if the recipient has saved your contact. This restricts the overall reach of the broadcast.

【3】Regular Broadcast List Updates

With a cap of 256 contacts per list, frequent updates and the creation of new lists are required for larger campaigns.

Leveraging WhatsApp Business for Promotion (2): Tagging Everyone Manually in WhatsApp Groups

For marketers using standard WhatsApp, tagging each contact in a group can be a daunting task. The manual process of entering each group and 「@」tagging people individually is not only time-consuming but also inefficient, particularly for those with extensive contact lists.

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Innovative Promotion with WhatsApp Business: One-Click Broadcast to Tag Everyone!

Addressing these challenges, VIMOS introduces the “One-Click WhatsApp Broadcast,” simplifying the process of tagging all. Ideal for scaling businesses, VIMOS’s WhatsApp API allows merchants to send targeted messages to large groups, with each recipient receiving the message independently.

The use of WhatsApp API for broadcasting is extensive in the commercial sphere. It enables businesses to send bulk promotional messages, announce new products, and convey significant announcements via WhatsApp. This direct communication channel increases message dissemination efficiency and reach. The key benefits include:

【1】Unlimited One-Click Mass Broadcasting with WhatsApp API

With VIMOS’s feature, target vast audiences through automated tagging, allowing for precision and efficiency in your marketing campaigns.

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【2】Customizable Broadcast Content

VIMOS’s feature supports editing broadcast content, incorporating images, texts, links, and interactive buttons, enhancing user engagement.

【3】Effective Customer Segmentation with WhatsApp Tags

Utilize WhatsApp’s commercial tagging feature for categorizing conversations and streamlining customer engagement processes.

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【4】Personalized Broadcast Scheduling

Plan and schedule your broadcasts to ensure optimal timing and increased engagement with VIMOS’s support.

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【5】Insightful WhatsApp Broadcast Analytics

Post-broadcast, VIMOS provides detailed analytics to assess campaign impact and customer interactions, aiding in strategic decision-making.

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Upgrade to WhatsApp API with VIMOS

Embrace the efficiency of WhatsApp Business’s API and broadcasting capabilities. VIMOS simplifies and enhances marketing strategies with its range of tools and analytics, moving beyond manual tagging and broadcasting.

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