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Sell more with less effort

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Professional Image Enhancement

Demonstrate your company's professionalism and reliability through automated WhatsApp processes

Boost Marketing and Customer Service Efficiency

Automate responses and manage customer flow to address needs swiftly, saving significant manual operation time.

Deliver Personalized Services

Intelligently categorize and tag customer interests and needs for tailored sales and services.

Your Business Growth

WhatsApp Automation

Sick of repetitive enquiries?
Easy automation setup can help!

Multi-login for WhatsApp

Don’t make it a one-man job.
Improve efficiency with your team.

Broadcast in a few clicks

Send promotional messages in bulk without saving numbers!

Interactive WhatsApp Buttons

Facilitating transaction completion
within chat interactions.

The combination of three powerful WhatsApp automation features elevates your online business operations to a new level.


24/7 Automated Marketing and CS Assistant


Automated Precision Marketing through Customer Categorization


Immediate Personal Handling to Enhance Customer Experience

WhatsApp Form

A automated form for your  WhatsApp, allowing customers to fully enjoy the process of purchasing products or booking services.

Connect common tools + WhatsApp

Integrate WhatsApp with your everyday business applications and solutions through Zapier, achieving automation.

Together, we will develop a Chat Commerce solution for you

VIMOS is committed to assisting SMEs in achieving online growth through automated customer service and marketing. To help customers enhance profitability comprehensively

Technical Team

  • Continuous optimization and expansion of features
  • Strong technical foundation
  • System support and maintenance

Customer Service Team

  • Immediate problem-solving
  • One-on-one expert training and guidance
  • Customer-centric, dedicated to providing thoughtful solutions

Marketing Team

  • Experienced marketing team
  • Keeping pace with market trends
  • Comprehensive Chatbot marketing strategies