WhatsApp Useful Functions: 12 Tips to Provide Unparalleled Service

WhatsApp is the social media platform with the highest penetration rate in Hong Kong. Everyone is inseparable from it, whether for personal or business transactions. In light of this, are you able to utilize every feature of WhatsApp? This article lists 12 WhatsApp useful functions that can be used for both personal and business purposes. […]

WhatsApp Green Badge – Purpose, Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

WhatsApp Green Badge

What does a WhatsApp green tick (Green tick/Green badge) represent? Any reader of this article might have a  similar question: What does the green tick next to WhatsApp and the avatar mean? What purpose does it serve? The green tick/badge, according to WhatsApp, represents an “Official Business Account”. These accounts vouch for their link with […]

4 Ways to Backup WhatsApp Chats History When Changing Your Mobile Number

WhatsApp Chats

Torn between changing to a new mobile number or not? Most individuals find it difficult to do so, but there will always be times when you must. However, when you change your phone number, how can you back up previous WhatsApp Chat conversations? Currently, WhatsApp formally permits changing the phone number in the personal version […]

How to backup WhatsApp chats? A guide for Android and IOS users

WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp is a widely utilized messaging app that people use for more than just connecting with their loved ones. Correspondingly, a lot of small to medium-sized businesses rely on it to communicate with customers. Therefore, business owners must frequently back up the conversation data included therein to prevent losing customer data. Looking to upgrade to […]

WhatsApp Marketing Engages More Customers

WhatsApp Marketing

There are numerous ways for businesses to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and grow their brand. Email marketing, paid advertising, and traditional television commercials are all examples of business campaigns. Despite the abundance of strategies available, reaching customers in novel and creative ways remains a challenge. WhatsApp is a relatively new advertising platform. Nevertheless, […]

Ways to Prevent a WhatsApp Account from Being Banned

Ways to prevent a WhatsApp account from being banned

Many online stores know how to set up a WhatsApp chat link that instantly allows customers to contact them directly. Because of this, online stores rarely store the customer’s contact details. An abrupt WhatsApp account ban will significantly impact the business of an online store. Consequently, merchants will lose all customer information and previous communications. […]